Structural Engineering

We provide structural engineering services for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings and structures. We develop economic and resilient structural solutions for our clients. Contact us with any structural projects, and we will advise you regarding the potential solutions.

Construction Monitoring

Our experienced engineers provide precise construction monitoring services for various construction.

We will inspect the construction works and provide CM2, CM3, and CM4 levels of the construction monitoring.

Planning Services

Do you need planning services for your new developments, boundary activities, and others? We engage experienced planners for your projects and help you obtain resource consent.

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Geotechnical Engineering

We engage geotechnical engineers and provide our clients with geotechnical investigation and engineering services. Our geotechnical team focus on the BOP region currently.

Seismic Assessment

We provide both Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA/IEP) and Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) for the existing buildings. Our experienced engineers have conducted numerous seismic assessments for our clients around New Zealand.

Drafting Services

We are not architects; however, we are here to help our clients with their projects. We engage experienced architects and drafting technicians for your projects. Our engaged people could provide CAD drafting, Revit and/or ArchiCAD Modelling.

R&D Services

We could develop construction applications and structural engineering software for your in-house teams. Contact us for more information.

Educational Services

We could provide technical lectures for other engineering firms, especially in regards to numerical modelling of complex buildings and commercial software such as ETABS.

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